Friday, April 08, 2005

Things I don't understand - Extremists

Why must they wear thier religion on their bumper? Do I really need to read "its a child... not a choice" on the way to work each day? Is it going to change my mind or influence my thinking in any way? Nutballs, they are all nutballs.


brad said...

How can you be an "artist" and have no appreciation for self expression. This is the question? You like graffiti but not bumper stickers. Political slogans are a great form of expression and on one's car is a great place to put a political slogan. That saying is quite rich I think.
How about you getting one that says, "It's a choice not a child"? I dare ya'.

Mojoey said...

whatever - mine would read "make up your own mind"

Mojoey said...
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Mojoey said...

And another thing, putting a sticker on your car is not creative, it does not express artistic intent, nor does it possess intrinsic artistic value. It is quite simple someone else’s words, plastered to the ass end of your car. It is the worse example of not thinking, replaced by group-thinking, expression were the self is absolved from responsibility by some other person or cause. One might as well put a sticker on their car which reads “I follow the Lemmings”.

Christ brad, get a grip. Art? It is not self expression to put another’s words on your car, nor is meaningful to tattoo them on your ass. That's why I am fascinated by bumper stickers; people think they have meaning when they really don’t.