Thursday, April 28, 2005

Nutball Alert: Dark Dungeons

I was in Las Vegas over the weekend when I ran into an old friend, Jack Chick's hate filled anti D&D tract Dark Dungeons. I hate to admit that I was an avid D&D player at one time, but I was. I loved it and played avidly for 15 years. Some time in the early 80s an old D&D mate of mine handed me Dark Dungeons and told me I was going to hell. Of course, by this time, I did not believe in hell any longer, but that did not matter to my fundie friend.

I was amazed at the outright lunacy of this little book. Dark Dungeons was my introduction to Jack Chick and his nutball beliefs. I collected a few tracts over the next few the following years. Without question, the tracts were bizarre, hate filled, and full of the most untenable fundie logic one could imagine. I would have kept them, but I did not want my young son to see them. I put them in the same class as pornography.

When I found the tract in Las Vegas, in a public restroom, I felt sad all over again. I could not believe that Chick had continued to build an audience for his crap. At it’s worst, Chick paints the Vatican and Catholics as evil and going to hell. Plenty of people have a problem with Chick because of his position of Catholics and other groups and issues. This site is the best anti-Chick website.

Chick tracts are not the kind of thing one would want around kids. Yet, I have a young cousin (11) who uses Chick material in his witness to the other children and adults in my family. His favorites are the anti-Catholic Comic books and toys, of course, most of my family is Catholic, so it tends to ruffles a few feathers.

Jack Chick qualifies for my nutball watch list. Only I don’t count him as a Christian Fundie, he’s more akin to Christian cult. Enter his website if you dare, my favorite nutball tracks are listed below.

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Johnny Crow said...

I must admit, I am an avid D&D player, and even shadowrun and a few other games. It has been a few years but I still play, for fun. I remember seeing these things a while back, but thought they were a joke. I guess I should have paid more attention. Anyway, good to know hes a nutball.