Sunday, April 10, 2005

I had an accident today

I was stopped as a red light on the corner of Manchester and Stanton in Buena Park near the 5 freeway. I pulled away from the light traveling south on Stanton when I heard a car skidding, then felt an impact at the back of my truck, then heard a loud crash as another cars was hit.. My truck fishtailed slightly, but it was easy to control because I was only going 20 miles an hour. My wife and son were in the truck, both screamed when the accident happened (I think I did too, but not like a little girl or anything). The car that hit me (above) was pretty tweaked. It had went on to hit a Jeep that had been following me, but only slightly damaged the jeep. The girls inside were pretty shaken up, as was the old lady who had run the red light to hit us.

I was expecting a lot of damage when I got out of my truck, only I could not find where I had been hit at first. I finally found a glancing scrape on my steel bumper, it does not look like much compared to the damage on her car. My bumper is lifted slightly to the right side, enough to be noticeable if you stand back 15 feet and look very hard. I think I might get off with a bumper adjustment and a buff job. Her car looks bad.

I dodged a bullet, this could have been much worse. A couple of good things happened. We had a witness stop and prove the woman ran a red light, so no fault on my end. I had elected to not drink at lunch because I was driving, that saved me some embarrassment when the police started asking the “have you been drinking question”. And, most importantly, no one was hurt.


sMhyla said...

Good to hear that you and your family are ok. Although it may seem minor, I bet that you car damage will be at least $500. Make sure you don't have whip lash, as I am still suffering neck/shoulder/back problems from my minor fender bender from 4 years ago. One more thing, good to have a camera in this case. I used to keep a disposable camera in my car in case of an accident.

Al said...

Glad you guys are ok. whatup with everyone getting rear-ended lately? I bet the truck has internal injuries. Ours looked minor too, but there turned out to be a lot of damage.