Friday, April 15, 2005

Disc Golf at El Dorado

I played a respectable 7 over par 61 round of disc golf today at El Dorado park in Long Beach. More importantly – I birdied two holes, the 5th and the 18th, and had legitimate birdie shots at three more. I only had one double bogie for the day! I could have come in with a 3 or 4 if I had not missed a few easy puts.

I played with John and Pastor Brad. John did very well. I think he took ten strokes off his last game. Brad played good too. If he had played a full 18 I think me might have come in at a 22 for two under his average game.

My drive is finally up to 300 feet. I'm using a new JLS Millennium driver, I throw it well. I still need to work on it though; I should be getting 350 or 400. Give me a couple weeks, I’m sure it will grow some more. I tried throwing the Aerobie Epic driver - it flew like a submarine. I'll give it a formal review once I've thrown it a few more times.

I have a game with co-workers coming up next Thursday. It should be fun, none of them have played before, plus they are all IT geeks. I’ve picked up a bunch of Sharks so that everybody is on an equal footing, plus they are so damn easy to throw. I smell a bunch of 30 over par rounds coming.

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passthebread said...

You are far too gracious.