Monday, March 28, 2005

The MBA boys

The MBA boys
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I ran into my old MBA crew at the Irvine Campus tonight. They all looked pretty whipped. Grad School can kill you if you don't watch out. This photo was taken with my camera phone on the Pepperdine campus in Irvine. It Sucks.

... the camera phone I mean. It takes very poor quality pictures and offers little in the way of quality control. I would not recommend buying the model I have. (its a SAMSUNG)


sMhyla said...

I have lived through 3 generations of Samsung, but now I am happy with my Sanyo. I wish someone had warned me before.

PS. Tell the boys I say "hello"- long time, no talk. Maybe at graduation???

Mojoey said...

I'm camping at bu state beach the weekend we graduate. that means we are all five minutes from some fun. Let's all get together for a drink after?

sMhyla said...

hmm... sounds interesting. we all will deserve a drink, that's for sure. btw, i am throwing a party for graduation/bday the weekend after grad. save the date. woo hoo.