Thursday, March 31, 2005

John gets grilled

John gets grilled
John gets grilled,
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My friend John had a bad day today. While driving to work he had a car accident. He swerved to avoid being hit by another car that entered his lane without warning, but ended up in front of a large big rig traveling behind him in the next lane. He was clipped on the passenger-side rear quarter panel, and sent spinning out of control across the remaining lanes and down a 25-foot embankment, narrowly missing other cars and a few trees. His car was not visible from the freeway; it had plowed under heavy brush while ending up against a fence at the bottom of the embankment. John is lucky to be alive.

Buried in the bushes

Kind of tweaked


Johnny Crow said...

holy wicked shit batman.. that is a crazy story.. I mean hes friggin lucky I mean he missed being totally smashed to pieces... I hope it all works out for him

Mojoey said...

John came out with a little scratch on his palm. He actually went to work and worked as if a truck had not almost killed him. He is a tough guy, but look like a teddy bear. I am fortunate to know him.

sMhyla said...

Mr. Mojoey, how did you get these pictures? How were you at the scene of the crime? Do you carry your digital camera with you everywhere? I used to, but mine is the shop now =(.

Anonymous said...

someone was totally looking over your friend! he's one lucky guy...

Mojoey said...

I carry a camera everyplace I go. Plus I was John's ride home.