Saturday, February 19, 2005

Williams Shatner - Common People

William Shatner released a CD named Has Been in October. I do not know how I missed it. My friend Brian turned me on to it while we were waiting on a flight earlier in the week at LAX. I listened to Common People (Lyrics) and was blown away. It was great. Well beyond great, it was good music. I've listened to it a few times now, along with You'll Have Time. I am picking up the album tomorrow.

Thanks Brian!


tc said...

MoJoey! "Common People" is originally by Pulp, ( on their albumn "Different Class" It is such an iconic and "Pulpy" song I am amazed that anyone would try to remake it.

Mojoey said...

Thanks TC! I thought I might have heard it before. I have the CD somewhere. I do not remember it being any good. I like Shatner's version. There is something about it that just caught my ear.