Tuesday, February 15, 2005

My life on the freeway

This shot is the 605N from the 405S this afternoon (or the Santa Ana from the San Diego for you natives). It is not one of my better shots.

Every day I spend two or more hours of my life on the freeways of LA and Orange County. I look for beauty, or at least something interesting during the ride. Like today, I saw a great vista of Long Beach Harbor, San Pedro, and Downtown Long Beach. All were visible against a golden sunset. The cranes in the port of Long Beach were glowing in silhouette. I missed the shot and a few others that were almost as good. When I thought I was finally free of freeway traffic, I see a clogged freeway. It turned out to be a 20-minute delay from a fender bender. I hate the freeways.

I saw on ABC World News were scientists think they have figured out how traffic forms – erratic drivers. Duh…

ABC news lists the 710 fwy as the second worst traffic hot spot in the country. I drive the 710 for three miles each morning (if I drive the freeway). It is dangerous, there are way to many large trucks on the road. I see an accident two or three time a week. It is like playing the lottery.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, the freeways blow. I'm on the 22 and I'm pretty much in 2nd gear from Magnolia to the 5 interchange. Yeah, the freeways blow...imogen :o{