Friday, February 11, 2005

I’ve been sick

I picked up a cold or something a few days ago. I got worse yesterday; that is when I got sick. For me, being sick is akin to mild mental illness. When I cross the line between not feeling well and being sick, my mind starts down this dysfunctional repetitive process where it repeats the same series of images, over and over again.

It usually happens when I have a fever and I’m trying to rest, but sometimes it will happen when I’m watching the tube. The imagery is always weird. This time is started with Vincent D’Onofrio from Law & Order telling me I could no longer watch his show unless I caught and killed a peccary. I renegotiate for a javelina , to which his partner says “It’s the same things stupid”. I try to reconfigure my freckles to give me jaguar like skin cover whiule in the jungle, only my freckles start migrating to my back to hide from the sun. While trying to find my freckles, I notice a javelina near a bush, but I don’t have any weapons. I remember that I’m really a robot that can fire arrows out of my ass so I point my ass at the javelina, kill it in a barrage of arrows, and then gleefully take my kill to Vincent D’Onofrio. Only along the way, I find out I’ve been fired by Donald Trump because I'm not a good project manager, and then SNAP, it starts over.

This happened, I don’t know, say... ten thousand times between midnight last night and noon today. Then sanity returns and I just feel like crap again. The funky thing about this is that I know it’s happening but I am helpless to stop it.

Oh, and I looked it up, a peccary is a javelina (I knew that, right?)


Johnny Crow said...

I am sorry to hear your sick. Hope you get better.

I can't imagine being sick and seeing all those distorted things. Although I used to have insomnia and I had a lot of similar experiences. Many of which could have landed me in an asylum

Kim said...

Hey Brother, sorry to hear your not feeling well. Want some chicken soup or something?
Love you, Sis