Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Clouds for i-gizmo

I don't normally shoot clouds. Clouds bore me. But we have had nothing but clouds for weeks now, so I'm starting to go stir crazy. I saw i-gizmo had a contest for clouds this week and figured, ah... what the hell. This is a shot from Pepperdine's campus in Malibu. Students at Pepperdine really have a hard life.


sMhyla said...

I was there. The day did not look like that to me, but I might be bitter since we don't have class tomorrow. You would think that I would be happy, however I took a vacation day and paid for my hotel already. I guess I can sleep in, but they want to reschedule it! Ugh.

Mojoey said...

I shot this after the first session at 9:18 a.m. We had a few moments of sunshine, but it was still very cold. Everything else I shot was in the rain.

BTW - it took FOUR hours to drive home yesterday.