Sunday, February 20, 2005

4 More Years of Bush

I took a short trip to Hollywood today because I wanted to shoot this billboard before it was defaced or removed. Citizens United had put up this tongue in cheek slap at Hollywood’s left leaning anti Bush actors to thank them for their support during the recent presidential elections. After all, without their irrational support for Kerry, and Moore’s idiotic attack on America, Bush might not have been elected.

Michael Moore gets top billing. He deserves it too. Although I was outraged at his overt attempt to influence our election with his vile propaganda piece, Fahrenheit 9/11, his recent Oscar slap and now this billboard recognition, makes me feel a little better. People are starting to get the message.

The rouges gallery of other stars is interesting. During the election, they said some bad things. I think some public humiliation is appropriate. I remember an essay I once read by Harlan Ellison. Ellison was reflecting on the damage President Nixon had inflected on the American psyche during Watergate when he suggested that Nixon should stand in public and allow each American one slap in his face. I thought the idea good then, and something I would like to see for Moore, but I’ll take a sarcastic billboard any day.

4 More Years stands prominently at the North end of Hollywood Boulevard. I stood near Bob Hope’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame when I took these shots. Of course, human feces decorated the sidewalk a few feet from me, while a steady stream of human detritus and oblivious tourists walked by. The billboard was not meant for the Stars. Stars never walk Hollywood Boulevard. The billboard was meant for us. Thanks!


brad said...

I think you have some early archives that well....but, I'm too nice to share. Lets just say I was anti- before you were anti.

Mojoey said...

ha - I'll delete those quickly!

Johnny Crow said...

I dont really get what your saying here mojoey? Do you like bush or hate Moore? or both? or niether.. I dont know... im confused.

Mojoey said...


I think what Moore did in making his movie was sloppy and dishonest. I believe his move was a key factor in helping Bush get elected.

Now Bush – he scares the crap out of me, but I think he was a much better choice than Kerry. We are at war and Bush is a warrior. Kerry would have sold us down the river. I normally vote libertarian, but I had to go with Bush this time. I don’t regret it, but I still watch him very closely.