Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Things I gave up

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A year and a half ago I started graduate school at age 42. It is a decision I have regretted and appreciated many times since I started. To be successful, I had to give up things that consumed my time. I gave up sports on TV. I gave up TV in general. I gave up pleasure reading. I gave up sleeping. I pretty much even gave up poker. But the thing I regret most of all is that I gave up chess. I love the game. I suck at it, but that does not stop me from trying to suck less with each new game. I have not touched a chessboard since I started school. I have six months to go... I can already picture my first game. I will not be with my Uncle Demy (pictured above), he is just too good. It might be with my friend Richard. I can beat Richard.


Anonymous said...

wow great pic Dad... I hadnt seen that before. nice nice =o)

Zag said...

I like the way you have redone the blogger site. Good images as well. Keep taking photos, they last a lifetime.