Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Nutball Alert: Santa Claus and Satan's Cause

I don't know how I found this gem, but it is pure Christian Nutball stuff. Apparently Santa is Satan and we should not belive in him. Of course, my immediate thought was "Santa's real, wow"? But seriously, what the hell are these guys talking about? Their logic is all screwed up. Like the following bit:

Santa lives in the north: (This is the Tradition)
Jesus Christ Lives in the North: (They quote an obscure bible text)
Therefore Santa is trying to replace Jesus in the minds of children!

...and this is all the logic we need. It's obvious, Santa = Satan. Ya buddy! Can I go to your church?

I love their main page: They list the following articles as a guide:

Environmentalism = Evil - I'm not really sure why.
Christion Rock = Evil - I agree (execpt for Paster Brad)
Bible Versons = Evil - only there version is correct
Tattoos = Evil - but seductive
Homosexuality = Very Evil
Evolution = Evil (even though they use a red harring argument)
Alcohol = Evil (send it all to mojoey)
The Trinity = belive it like we do or your going to hell
Cursing = Evil - god know what you were going to say, it's a Santa power too.
Catholocism = I don't think they like them
Abortion = Evil - Evil -Evil
Debt = Evil (something we agree on)
The Jew = They don't like them much either
Calvinsim = Evil
Witches = evil, kill them all

Basically, they hate everybody. They are true church of love and tolerance. Sign me up!

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passthebread said...

What's so nutty about that??