Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Long Beach Fog

I shot this Monday morning on the way to work. Within 30 seconds I was pulled over by the Signal Hill Police for not having my headlights on. It was my third traffic stop in a week, but no ticket.

We don't get cold here in LA. When I think cold, I think fog and rain. We've been getting our share of both lately. I travel to Budapest over the weekend. I understand it is COLD there. I'll take few picture of cold stuff then, but for now, this is my Theme Thursday submission under the theme cold.


Anonymous said...

That's a nice shot!!

BTW, did any of the pictures from my last day in LA this December turn out ok?


Mojoey said...

They came out great - the night shots were a little washed out, but they still looked good. I send them by email.

sMhyla said...

3 stops? how did you not get a ticket? i got a ticket on 12/30. i already went to traffic school earlier last year, so i have to pay it! =(