Monday, January 31, 2005

I went for a walk tonight

I had to put away my camera. It was just too cold. I took this last shot of a dark street right after Sundown, and then went looking for coffee. Oh, did I mention I lost a glove? I’m keeping one hand in my pocked for the rest of the trip.


Kim said...

I want the "peace" in this picture in my life of crazyness. Little Sis Kim

Cy said...

Yeah I really like ur pics. I was just webbing ´round and I saw all ur pictures. U know Im from Arg and Im really not used to see THAT amazing winter. Well I dunno if its amazing or not - usually grey is REALLY boring - but, compare with our usual 40ÂșC sounds better than anything. I really liked ur pics :)

Keep posting man!