Sunday, January 02, 2005

America - Love it or Leave it

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There is a subtle message here, let us see if we can decode it. I am a Marine, or maybe I want to be a Marine. I supported Bush in the 04 election. Lastly, if you don’t agree with my political world view, you can head to Canada. We can add, big truck = little dick, (No wait, I drive a truck, that is not going to work!). I think we can safely assume the truck owner has a crew cut and muscle shirt or is a skinhead with a goatee. He might also have a tribal armband, or a Celtic Knot tattooed on his arm. I would also guess maybe a cross hanging from the mirror or a Jesus bobble head on the dash.

Am I close on this one? What do you think?

One last thing. I shot this in Carson.


Anonymous said...

I know Marines are supposed to be tough, but a woman with a goatee? Now that's really tough!

Mojoey said...

You can tell the driver was a female? Wow, I tried but had to guess it was a male. If it was a female, my bet is she had tat's and a beard.