Sunday, December 19, 2004

POS Rental Car

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I am bored this morning, so I am writing about whatever pops into my head. Today's topic is rental cars. I have rented a few cars in my day, my guess is at least 150 in the last five years. This time, I needed a car for a few days because my son had borrowed mine for a short trip up North. I rented a Pontiac Aztec from Hertz, and it really sucked. I usually rate a car on four things;

  • Fit - Do I fit in it.
  • Visibility - Can I see out of it.
  • Driving - How does it feel to drive?
  • Sound - Does it have a good stereo?

I did not fit in the car. It had plenty of headroom, but no ass room and my legs were cramped. I was very uncomfortable in this car, more so than in the Jeep I rented while in Hawaii last year, and I hated that Jeep.

I could not see out of the rear window unless I crouched or sat up straight. The rear window has a bar going across it right where you would normally see the cars behind you. It was very annoying. On the other hand, you could look out of the lower rear window and see the tires of the car behind you. I do not know what good that does for you, but what the hell. Looking over your left shoulder, you see a part of the car, over your right shoulder, small windows and more car. I felt like I was driving blind.

It drove O.K., the Aztec had no real power, and was sluggish, but for an American car it was passible.

Road sounds were noticeable; the Aztec is not a quiet ride. The most annoying thing was the friggen stereo. Its volume changed depending on how I was driving. If I slowed down, the volume went down, if I sped up, the volume went up. I know it is a "feature", but I like music loud, even if I am at a stop signal.

In summary – this car sucked, stay away!

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