Tuesday, December 14, 2004

A good example of nutball psychobabble

The Rise of the Amerikan Nazis. Part I of III: Birth of Despotism

The clouds that have hovered over us since 9/11 are beginning to dissipate. Our minds are once more seeing the plethora of colors created with the birth of each new sunrise. We can see clearly once again. It is time to shake the foundations of what is known, and what is yet to be found.

Nutballs come in all forms. In this case, Manuel Valenzuela, an American hating writer, with a completely screwed up world view. Valenzuela puts forth the notion that America = Nazi Germany or that we are even worse.... Of course he takes 4,500 words to make his mind numbing, meandering, conspiracy filled point, and this meeting is really only part one of three.

This guy is a hate-filled nutball, I hope he’s not an American.

The best quote from this POS:

Our failure to question the official ‘truth’ of 9/11 arises because of our fear of knowing the truth, our uncertainty of what to do if what the government says is false. We fear knowing that perhaps our government and leaders, our policy makers and corporate elite were involved in the greatest terrorist act to ever devastate American soil, and so we meander in purposeful ignorance, unwilling to open the doors to a storm that would shake our foundations to the ground. Our ego’s refusal to believe in the criminality of the government, even if only negligent, even if criminally complicit, is the ally of the Amerikan Nazis, for it strengthens their grip on power and their confidence that they can do with us as they please.

Valenzuela thinks we were behind the attacks of 9/11, or we asked for it, or through our negligence allowed it to happen.... Valenzuela is an official Nutball, and a liberal defeatist big "L" loser.