Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Christian protest group faces 47 years in prison

REPENT AMERICA - a totally fundie website

A group of fundies, known as the Philadelphia 11, were arrested while protesting the Philadelphia Gay and Lesbian "Outfest" in October of 2004. Now the group faces 3 felonies, and up to 47 years in prison each. All I can say is “YIPEE!” I don't know how many times I have ran into a sign toting Christian, who keep telling me I'm going to hell unless I repent. Of course this usually happens when I'm enjoying myself – not necessarily at an “Outfest”, but maybe in Los Vegas. It is a total buzz kill, and very rude. Keep your religion to yourselves please.

I don't belong to any protected group, except maybe old fat white men with a puerile sense of humor, but the next time some nutball fundie starts telling me about hell while holding a "repent or die" sign, I'm calling the police. You never know.... Prison sounds reasonable.

One other thing, Repent America has a bizarre home page. To enter the site, there is a button to push if you are a Christian, and another button for "all other". DO NOT press the “all others” button, you will get a Ten Commandments lecture, and learn the "truth" that you are going to hell unless you drop to your knees and….


Anonymous said...

i think its very sad that your response to direct violations of a groups first amendment rights is "yipee". they have the right to share their view point just as much as the gay groups. it seems to me that now the government is trying to raise homosexuals to a level of prominence in this country- giving them "special" rights and silencing anyone with an opposing viewpoint. i myself am a Christian. i don't go around condemning anyone. those who do that sort of thing aren't truly spreading the Gospel the way we are intended. it's not that christians hate seeing people enjoying themselves, its just that when you see someone sinning, you should try to inform them that what they are doing is wrong (in a polite way). people hate being told they are wrong, and thats where we get people with your view on Christianity. i have no problem with gay people (i tolerate them, not accept that what they do is right). i do however believe that homosexuality is a sin, and if i want to express that point of view the first amendment protects that (for how much longer i don't know). people like you are what is going to lead to the loss of our freedom in this country. right now the senate is trying to pass a "hate crimes" bill which essentially is a "thought crimes" bill. you can't even have the opinion that homosexuality is immoral or you get punished. you can't oppose homosexuality or you get punished. you have to not only tolerate homosexuality, but agree that it is 100% acceptable and right. all of this is religious descrimination- an effort to eliminate the Christian point of view and eventually Christianity itself so there will be no morals and people can do basically whatever they want. you think its a good thing that people could possibly get 47 years in prison for expressing their point of view? and you call this post "deep thoughts". is it because you do all your thinking with your head deep in your backside?

Anonymous said...

Wow, the second comment on this is an ignorant fundamentalist who gives christians a bad name. Do you really tolerate gay people with that last sentence of the paragraph?

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear it! I guess "god" put them in prison right?

I hate these christian soldiers with a passion.

Anonymous said...

ok well second post had some good points but the whole "head in the backside" comment does not make him a good example. Isnt tolerance itself saying "i am righteous so i will tolerate those that are not" What about the homosexual that doesnt agree with Christianity? Do they line up at churches with bullhorns and banners disclaiming the faith? Do they crowd christian conferences demanding the right to speak freely about their beliefs. Since when do us Christians have the right to condem? Why cant we see past sin and look at the man/woman. It is easiest to hide our faults by pointing out others-at least hide them from our own attention.

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