Thursday, November 04, 2004

Something Different - Suburban Fetish - October/November 2004, Fifth Issue - Sandy Nicholson : Suburban Fetish

I came across this site while following up on Finn Manford, a favorite photographer of mine. His picture "Bagdad Cafe" is one of my very favorite photos.

Another photographer, Sandy Nicholson, spent some time documenting the private worlds of sexual fetishism in suburban Melbourne. The results are well... pretty freaken weird. The pictures are kind of work safe, I mean there is no overt nudity, but any corporate security type is going to think you are a complete nutball, so it might be better if you viewed this one from the privacy of your own home.

My favorite picture is of Bob, who just seems really weird. And, I mean weird in a really strange sort of have him registered as a sex offender kind of way. The others depicted are just your everyday average sexual deviant nutballs and, are very entertaining.