Saturday, November 27, 2004

Prehistoric Pets

© Copyright 2004 Mojoey

I made a quick trip to Prehistoric Pets in Fountain Valley Friday. The store is reptile heaven. My son and I spent time feeding the turtles and fish. For about three dollars, you can buy a couple dozen mealworms, then feed the monster fish (30lbs and over), and turtles (several dozen large ones!). If you are lucky, a 6-foot Nile Monitor lizard will be in the water. I've seen little girls and boys pee their pants when this big lizard rises up out of the water instead of a fish.

Prehistoric Pets has in shop parties, and does birthdays. I've had them out for a my son's birthday, it was a blast. They brought a snake so big I had trouble holding it. Visiting the store is quite an experience. It is unlike any other pet store I've ever been in. They sold me an albino king snake a few years ago. It's been a great pet ever since I bought it, except that it bites me a lot.