Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Margaret Hassan Murdered

Relief worker feared slain

Damn, every week it is something new. Every week it seems more senseless, there murders are not part of the human race. There is no justification for this crime; no rational stretch of any agenda would authorize it. Margaret Hassan was murdered by men who deserve no better that they gave.

Here we have a woman show has served the deserving men, woman, and children of Iraq for nearly 30 years. Her thanks, a bullet in the head.. It sickens me. Just when I think there may be opportunities for peace, something like this happens and my heart hardens again. All I want is vengeance. Make those responsible for this, and the many other crimes already committed, pay with their lives

LGF has a good discussion going on this one: I call it 'Allah must be proud'.
Jihad Watch has a good discussion going here.

R.I.P. Margaret Hassan