Friday, November 26, 2004

Long Beach Art Project

I've noticed that the City of Long Beach has started converting utility boxes, bus stops, and various other pieces of public property to public art installations. the only thing is that some of it is bad, like this "stay in school" utility box off of Long Beach Blvd by the main post office,

and some of it is kind of good, like this hot mama serving food off second street.

I'm a big supporter of public art. I will spend some time shooting the various installations located in and around downtown Long Beach and then posting them to my blog as part of a new project. I think the project is limited to downtown Long Beach, but I’m not sure. Please let me know of any installations that you know of.


passthebread said...

What a cool thing for the city to do.

I think it is very Long Beach. I do not think this "street art" style (somewhat informal) would work in every town. Beach towns are particularly good for this though because "beach" is associated with informal.

Different cities would have to use different art styles.

Hmm, what is going to happen when a cool hispanic artist puts a cross around his honey's neck. Will the ACLU have a tizzy fit and turn a great experiement in individual expression into a big "Carson ugly" industrial strength sanatized politically correct lawsuit.
Very cool.

glennis said...

hmmm...i wonder if a 3rd grade art class could get involved in this?

Mojoey said...

I'm sure they could - I noticed something that looked a lot like a finger painting project I was proud of.

Anika Anni said...

I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks..
beach art

Cory Bilicko said...

Hello. To answer your question... I'll be painting the box at the southwest corner of Long Beach Boulevard and Wardlow Road this weekend. I'll have to sand and prime it first, and it's supposed to rain Saturday, so I probably won't be able to actually start painting it till the following weekend.