Thursday, November 18, 2004

A little offbeat

I came across this site in an art mag a few months ago, and then forgot it. Then I heard it mentioned on KROQ (of all places), and went back for another go. It's still a hoot.

*** WARNING *** Not Work Safe

The site is called Naked, it undresses normal people as they spin around in a circle. The site's intro, which is work safe, reads:

"Naked. Something that every single one of us experiences in varying degress of pride, shame, audacity and reserve. What's the big deal? We see naked bodies all the time. At least, we see well-crafted, smooth, Airburshed bodies all the time. The fascination with these images lies in the fact they are ordinary people who have decided to take off their clothes in front of the camera. They are not supermodels. They are not famous actors. The are you. The are me. They are us."

Let me tell you, if people think this is porn, they are out of thier minds. If this were porn, the porn business would be out of business. The people shown are ordinary in every respect. I found myself exploring every picture. Did I mention it comes with sound too? The sound clips are better than the pictures.

enjoy if you dare.