Sunday, November 14, 2004

I am not Sorry, just laughing my ass off.

I have seen two websites, and several long blog posts, regarding Democrats who put up a website to tell the world Sorry Everybody, because Bush was elected. I ran through the images and could not help but think big "L" loser after reading each picture. I can appreciate losing a presidential election, as a libertarian, the only way I win is if I vote out of party (like I did this time), however, I would not stoop to apologizing to the world if my candidate lost. The world would have criticized us if Bush had won or lost. I really does not matter. Screw what the rest of the world thinks, it is an American matter.

Having said that, I was equally disgusted when Republicans put up a website that said “We're not Sorry”. This is just another tit for tat battle in a long standing war. I had not intended on even following the link, but then I saw a picture of a gun toting redneck, and I was hooked. This site is a gold mine of dysfunction. GUYS! You are not helping the cause. My favorite shot is the one of two crazy looking teenagers, flashing gang signs, while sitting in front of an old-school picture of Jesus. It was sweet. (Gallery one)


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Candy Girl said...

No less a man than George Washington warned us against partisan politics, as well as permanent alliances, in his farewell address to a very young nation. His fear was that they would divide the nation as had happened in the contest between Hamilton and Jefferson, and he was dead on in his analysis - despite the fact that he was an unwilling participant in the very thing he was warning against. Hey, experience is a great teacher.
These apologists should stop screwing around on the web and starting DOING something about the lack of unity.