Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Fun Fundie Quiz

Are you a Fundy? find out by taking this quiz. I think passthebread is a fundy, what about you?

btw - Fundy is short for right wing christian fundamentalist.

*** Update ***

I touched a nerve with this one, passthebread seems pissed.


passthebread said...

The only one you have actually ever known. No quite what you expected.

passthebread said...
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passthebread said...

Religious bigorty!! :) So funny. Just like anti-semitism.
Did you here the one about the cultural revolution. Ha Ha Ha. Or the Christians in Sudan. Yeah Ha Ha Ha!! Oh did you hear the one about Stalin and the 50,000 orthodox priests. Or the one about.."What do you call a pastor in China...Ha Ha Ha Late for dinner." Or may be you want to get a little more "heady". Ha Ha Ha. How about the one about the guy who wouldn't recant in Saudi Arabia or Iran or..Just cracks me up.
Funny stuff. Maybe we could promote religious bigorty in the US too.
Then we could have our laughs LIVE.