Saturday, October 23, 2004

Nutball Alert - Is the Harry Potter series evil?

Well.... If you believe this group of Christian Nutballs it is. Beware, this collection of "well research" papers will consume several hours of you time while leaving you feeling vacant and empty. The lack of deep analysis is astounding until you consider that anything that would bring joy to their lives is actually threatening and therefore evil. Harry Potter is fantasy at its very best. The books are written for children, yet adults are some of the biggest readers. Why is this? Could it be that the stores are compelling morality plays set in a realm of complete fantasy? Children have no more trouble discerning this than they can understanding that the Teen Titians are not going to ride to their rescue in a schoolyard fight.

Why do people believe weird things? I think it is to take the focus off the real problem. The fundamentalists at The Cutting Edge are focused on what will happen when Jesus returns and not focusing on anything thing else. They are good people, no really, they are good people… or not, it seems to me the qualify as total nutballs. When they stand outside of libraries yelling at children for reading Harry Potter, they are cross the line to become total nutballs. What every happened to feed to poor, teaching peace, or setting an example?

Some selected reading:


This one is different; the logic goes something like this. Harry Potter is fantasy, some occultists practice witchcraft, therefore Harry Potter is reality. Oh, and we are all going to hell.


This one is weird. The argument goes something like this. Harry Potter is a tool of the devil, Children are programmed by the Harry Potter books to accept Satan, Therefore, the New World Order is close at hand. ....And that’s bad because?

My favorite quote from this article is "Since mathematics were created by God, the pagan worships them, believing they contain inherent power." Nuf said.

Paster Brad, what the hell is going on?

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passthebread said...

My friend,
Two things:
1. This is a very powerless group of folks so I wouldn't worry too much. Have no fear. The educated clergy will protect you from the simpletons. (Do we still have an educated clergy in America??) - Hmm. I have to protect my kids from these folk too. I have to protect my kids from political partisanship too. We have to protect our kids from all sorts of junk.
2. It is about children. People, christians, have children. The world is a very dangerous place and how to raise your kids in this world is pretty hard. We send our kids to schools and you must admit there are kids dressed in black who talk about vampires and stuff. A parent says, "How do I protect my kids from becomeing that kind of worship the devil nutball??" Just like you see tehm and say, "How can I keep my kids from becoming a conspiracy theory nutball?" So it is parents who are scared for their kids. So give them a break a little.
3. People don't realize that it isn't exposure to stuff that makes a kid go radical counter-mom and dad. Exposure to wicca doesn't make someone actually believe in stuff. It is just not thinking very deeply about the human psyche and why people get into devil worship. I have known people who are into devil worship and are nuts and the root is usually child abuse or just being uneduated.

I let my kids read Harry Porot and I use it as a spring board to talk about where and when is fantasy a good thing.
Anyway , not such an insightful comment but anyway.