Thursday, October 21, 2004

How evil are you?

How evil are you?

Contrary to what a few friends think, I come up Neutral! Ha!


passthebread said...

Let's talk. LOL

Personally being kinda neutral evil is not good enough for me.

Since we have now come to know that a natural law exists, and the standard is not like "whatever", how do we strive to attain the prize of a morally beautiful life and enjoy the journey.
This is the training of the proverbial jedi.

Mojoey said...

At least I'm am not evil!

passthebread said...

Lets take a poll:
"Is darth vadar evil?"
If people say yes, then guess what darth jr. Hello!!!
But if people say Darth Vadar is just a wise man looking out for his own. Well, then I guess, if truth is up for a vote, you could be OK.

But if inalienable rights aren't granted by the will of the people then neither my opinion nor even your opinion matters as to whether or not "you are evil". So whose opinion on your evilness does matter anyway.
Oh yeah 'the internet quiz'. That is how we determine the standard of all natural law in the universe.

But as for me and my household...(that's a bible quote for you readers out there in TV land).
P.S. I hope you find this funny. I am rolling :)