Thursday, October 14, 2004

Houston, we have a nutball

Nutball © Copyright 2004 Mojoey

This kind of nutball is my white whale! I carry my camera every day on the off chance that somebody like this just might appear in front of me. This is nutball nirvana! The truck contained not only bumper stickers, but also hand written messages of love to the complete political spectrum! I blew up the picture in Photoshop and found references to Waco and Branch Davidians, the evil of the UN, Kerry as a pinko maggots, the “world government”, and bizarre references to killing in defense of the “Sovereign Christian Constitutional Republic”, and killing for the right to study the “Holy Bible”

On the other hand, he endorses George Bush for president.

Now you would think he would want people to read his bumper stickers. I mean, why put them on your car if you don’t want people to read them? I saw him drive by on the southbound 405 in Long Beach. I changed lanes and pulled up behind the truck with my camera at the ready. I snapped a couple of pictures before he noticed me in his side mirror. He sped off and changed lanes. Not one to be put off, I followed him. I finally caught up when he was pinned in by traffic and shot about 20 pictures. I noticed the panic look over his shoulder as flipped me the bird. As soon as traffic opened up, he sped off, at times splitting lanes. I am sure he thought I was from the liberal media or something, or god forbid, the ATF. I really did not matter, I was happy with my prize.



Anonymous said...

Hmm, and he drives a Nissan...

Anonymous said...

i love finding 'nutballs' like this one. i live in dallas...guaranteed nutball sighting every weekend in front of the 6th floor museum. strange not wanting his picture taken, i've found most love to pose for me. especially street evangelists. i once met a guy with homemade literature that Stephen King shot John Lennon and was responsible for the attempt on Ronald Reagan. Priceless stuff :)