Tuesday, September 14, 2004


Oh my god. Er oh my gosh. This guy is a total nutball. Even though this was put up back in the good old days of 98, it still rings of Christian fundamentalist netballer. He makes illogical fallacious arguments trying to show that atheists actually believe in god and are just lying about it. It really makes no sense. He also does the typical "I used to be an atheist, so I know how they think" argument, which of course is a weak attempt at an appeal to authority. I really got a kick out of this read, it is so bad.

His first article reads: “Where did you get the idea atheists hate God”, he claims it is because we (atheists) really believe in god. Ah, wtf? More Christian nutball logic.

His next article suggests Atheists waste energy dening god while not paying attention to “The Devil”. Again, wtf? I’ve got some news for you buck-o , I don’t belive in anything supernatural, god, the devil, santa, faries, you name it, if it don’t walk the planet, I don’t believe in it. Neither do other atheists.

His other articles all rant about the same thing. He goes on making assumptions like “all atheist think this way or that way”. Heck, I don’t know two atheists that think the same way about anything, we tend to be independent thinkers.

My favorite article is entitled “ATHEISTS CREATE CRIMINAL SOCIETIES”, (all cap are his idea). In this article, we find that the root of all evil is Atheists. We create all of society’s problems. Ah, wtf? Last time I check the vast majority of people in America, an in the wider world profess a belief in a supernatural being of one sort or another. Don’t you think it is reasonable to expect that Christians might have a hand in some of this? Of course not, this guy’s logic is completely warped.

And people wonder why I rant on Christian fundamentalist…..