Thursday, September 30, 2004

Cool new "Church" for atheists

I was doing some web surfing and came across this great site. the Church of Critical Thinking is:

The Church of Critical Thinking is not a religious organization, and it does not acknowledge the existence of any deities. The Church of CT believes that separation of church and state is a very good idea, but is frustrated that the separation is becoming increasingly blurred. As an atheist, I should be able to enjoy my life without the restrictions imposed by your religion. The Church of CT is surprised that there is so much acceptance and so little outrage over the importance religion has in our government. But we're about more than just keeping religion out of our government.
In addition to religions, there are politicians, pseudo-scientists, psychics, advertisers, and others all asking you to believe things on faith alone without providing clear evidence that what they say is the truth. Our goal is to teach people to use Critical Thinking skills to analyze what they're being told, to be skeptic where appropriate, and to reject ideas that they may already hold as true if they don't hold up when examined critically.