Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Panda Panda

Panda Panda Posted by Hello

I not sure what this one means. It's been on the Artesia on ramp to the 91 fwy in Cerritos for over a year, I've passed it a dozen times. Each time I think, who would spray paint pandas on a sign? And... Why? I don't have a clue, any ideas anyone?


Anonymous said...

I believe this particular panda is the logo for the WWF (the World Wildlife Fund, NOT the World Wrestling Federation). The person(s) who spray painted it must have been some fanatical conservationist and he/she put it on the sign to make more people aware of his/her cause. My best guess at the line of logic in his/her choice in placing it on a sign on a freeway on-ramp is that it follows from two interweaving assumptions;1, it is a heavy traffic zone, and thus be exposed to more people and 2,it is at a place where people have no choice but to look (traffic light).

There is also the off-chance that the conservationist just wanted to make a sign declaring his affinity for the WWF, but upon deciding that his using a new paper poster board would be tantamount to his contribution to killing of a tree, decided to just make one out of a sign already made.

Hmmm... so this is what it feels like to be able to respond to something somewhat knowledgably. Interesting feeling.

Anonymous said...

In Asian symbolism the Panda is a common symbol for Man.

Anonymous said...

or maybe its just a stencil artist/tagger who just decided to use a panda for a logo.

Mole said...

that particular panda is also a skate brand logo, Enjoi. Perhaps they were simply skater punks without enough brain to make their own logo and statement, so they used that skate brand?