Monday, February 21, 2011

Pastor Jerry Cannon arrested on child porn charges

I am simply stunned that anyone would think to use Facebook for evil purposes. Yet it happens every day. The latest case involved pastor Jerry L. Cannon who use up to 13 different false FaceBook accounts to trade pornography.

The FBI alleges that Cannon, 62, expressed an interest in pictures of children from ages 10 to 16 in his communication with the Fairhope man and that he said he had about 25 albums of pictures. He asked the Fairhope man if he swapped pictures.

"Hope you have pics for me, i added you to see my pics So far i posted, kisses,” the user wrote on Jan. 23, according to the criminal complaint.

Don’t worry pastor Cannon. I’m sure Bubba will have kisses for you in federal prison. Ask for a cell in the general population. I hear they have the best views.

Cannon was the pastor at the Church of God in Dry Ridge, Ky