Monday, January 03, 2011

Pastor Tom Daniels arrested

TomDanielsWell hello then and here again it’s 2011 and it’s looking  a lot like 2010 on the clergy sexual abuse front. Baptist pastor Tom “the six million dollar man” Daniels was arrested for molesting a child under the age of 14. His church is standing by their pastor.

"Until such time as the courts prove Pastor Tom Daniels guilty, we have an obligation to support him and his family," said the statement. The statement also said that accusations such as those facing Daniels need to be tried in the court and not the media.

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Ahem… bullshit you fucking hypocrites. I would cut you some slack if it were not for Pastor Tom Daniels being an in your face type moralist. He believes it’s his right to dictate how others should live their lives. He put money and considerable effort into support of proposition 8. So, while he’s fighting to deny rights to gay Americans, he’s also allegedly molesting a child? How does that work?

Pastor Daniels church is the First Baptist Church of Rio Linda. Don’t bother visiting because this is what you will find.

Thank you for visiting the website of the First Baptist Church of Rio Linda!
Unfortunately, our website is currently undergoing new construction and is not fully functional.

Please check back soon for the newly redesigned site!

Of course, you can always email pastor Daniels at or his church at


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