Saturday, September 18, 2010 is shutting down

I received a message from the good people at that says they are shutting down the service. This was their message.

We're in the process of shutting down Blogrolling, so if you still have the widget code on your site, you should remove it now.
Best of luck.

These means the end of the Atheist Blogroll as we know it. You should remove the code from your blog.  But do not despair! Another solution is just around the corner.

I managed to capture a complete list of Atheist Blogs a few weeks ago. I will have a code snipit up soon with a new badge pointing people to the full list. We can use that as a way to maintain the membership in the short run.

Long term, I have a solution that will put us back in business. I was able to work with a friend who is a programmer. We’ve created our own blogrolling service. I know the server side works fine, but we don’t have the client tools nailed down yet. It’s been on the shelf for a few months. I’ll dust it off and get it back into production as soon as I can.

I need a few things:

  1. Time… This will take a little time. We are both gainfully employed, so we can only work on it in our spare time.
  2. Testers… We will need to do a full up test of the service. I need a few volunteers to work on the project.
  3. A name… We don’t have a name for the application. Blogrolling is already taken and has a big negative connotation already. So please suggest a name.
  4. A server… We need to host the server someplace. I need help here.

We had never really thought of this as a commercially viable product. I was just unsatisfied with that I was looking for an alternative. It is possible that we could offer the service to other bloggers. If you are interested, please let me know.

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