Saturday, July 11, 2015

Fogle says the FBI has nothing on me

If I’ve learned one thing about following crime stories where the FBI and child pornography are involved, it is that the FBI moves slowly and cautiously. Which is why I think that Team Fogle’s assertion that the FBI found nothing in its search of Jared Fogle’s house is premature. It’s a forensic investigation, therefor, it will take some time; perhaps weeks or even months. Let’s wait to see what happens.

Fogle's legal team tells us there's a very good reason we didn't see the feds marching the ex-Subway spokesman out of his Indiana home this week. They say they're confident the FBI raid turned up nothing that incriminates Fogle.
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In cases like this, I hope for the best. In this case, I hope they find no evidence. I hope that Jared Fogle committed no crime and I hope the he is not a creepy pedophile. I’m a skeptic and want to see evidence before I come form an opinion about his guilt or innocence.

In other bad Fogle news, his cameo has been cut from Sharknado 3. I’m personally devastated by the news. Wait… what is Sharknado again?

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