Sunday, December 27, 2009

A pastor’s Toys for Tots scam

Segun Masha A pastor in Atlanta asked for a $1 donation to receive a donated gift through the Toys for Tots program. Pastor Segun Masha took the donations. No toys were delivered.

Toys for Tots said the pastor of the church was running a scam by charging some people a $1 fee to make copies of drivers licences and social security numbers to verify their identities in order to prove how many kids they had.

Maj. Tim Teed said, "It's definitely running a scam If they are charging money for free toys, yes, that’s a scam."

Why would a pastor force a donation for toys? Why would a pastor demand a copy of a drivers license and social security number? Wait… Why would a pastor register his church under eight different names with Toys for Tots? And… What kind of idiot would give somebody their social security number for a toy?

Abusing Toys for Tots is nothing new. Each holiday season we hear the stories. In this case, a typical form of abuse was described in the first few paragraphs.

Andrew Manning and his wife Gayle are furious. They have 9 granddaughters who will get nothing from 24/7 International Church on Cobb Parkway.

The Manning's paid the church $1 in order to receive donated Christmas gifts through Toys for Tots.

“I think he should go to jail. He broke a lot of hearts and made a lot of promises that he couldn't stand up to be,” said Andrew Manning.

Abuse = grandparents who go shopping at Toys for Tots for their grandkids because they can’t afford to buy presents. Nice job mining quotes there CBSAtlanta.

This story is wrong on so many levels. Stealing from needy people is deplorable behavior for anyone, let alone a pastor. Pastor Masha’s Church 24/7 International is questionable. He’s had a talk with God, or so he claims.
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Would you give this nutjob your SSN? Why are people so stupid?